All items on our website are custom and made to order. To order, just follow the steps given on each listing’s page. This is the basis for most of our available custom tumblers. Some listings will have a set design and/or set glitter colors.

For most listings, these are the following steps:

  • Choose your tumbler style – We have 18 different styles listed. Each vary in price and style. All but the shaker bottles are double walled. And all come with a lid besides the 10oz YETI wine glass tumbler and the 14oz Ozark wine glass tumbler.
  • Next would be to choose your glitter coverage – Most tumbler styles will have 4 different coverage options: Full Coverage, Show Top Lid, Show Bottom Lip, Show Top + Bottom Lip. Full Coverage will cover the entire tumbler (excluding the lid) with glitter. Although some people prefer this, we do not recommend it.  Choosing Full Coverage will make your tumbler more susceptible to scratches at the bottom since it will be constantly scraping against whatever surface it is rested upon. Show Top Lip, will leave a 3/4″ to 1″ (depending on tumbler style) stainless steel top. Although the clear coat is safe to touch with your lips, some people just prefer the look/feel of the stainless steel top. Show Bottom Lip will leave a 3/4″ to 1″ (depending on tumbler style) stainless steel bottom. This is our most popular option. The last option is to Show Top + Bottom Lip. Although not as popular, some people do request this option.
  • If you chose a YETI, an option will appear that says “Show front ‘YETI’ Logo?”. If choosing “Yes”, this will show the stainless steel YETI logo that is on the bottom front of your tumbler. If choosing “No”, the YETI logo will be covered with glitter.
  • Next is your glitter. Choose from 1 glitter color, and ombré of 2 glitter colors, or an ombré of 3 glitter colors. If choosing 2 colors, there is a surcharge of $4.00; if choosing 3 colors, there is a surcharge of $7.00. We currently have 53 of our most popular colors listed. Although we have several hundred, there’s no way we could possibly list all of them. If you’re unsure of what glitter color will match best, choose the last option, “Surprise Me”, to have us choose what color we think looks best. If you have a specific color in mind that you don’t see listed, email us and we’ll see if it’s available.
  • Next is to choose your design color. We currently have 43 colors listed. If you’re unsure of what color would match best, choose the last option of “Best Matching Color”. We’ll make sure to choose whatever color matches your glitter options best! We know it may be hard to choose a color that might clash your glitter choices. If that is the case, we will message you to let you know, or add a slight offset in a different color to ensure your design still pops.
  • Lastly is the Terms & Turnaround Time agreement. We’ve had some dissatisfied customers in the past before not realizing each item was made-to-order. So in order to make sure you know when you’ll receive your tumbler, we’ve implemented a new Terms & Turnaround Time agreement on every product. This is to ensure there isn’t any confusion or frustration about production time. Each item is handmade and made to order, therefor, a lengthy amount of time is needed in order to create that perfect tumbler for you! You will have to click “I Agree” in order to proceed and checkout with your item.